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The Lobster Zone has always prided itself on manufacturing the highest quality and most dependable machines in order to ensure an exciting and rewarding experience for every machine owner, site operator, and player, while generating high profits and providing a clean and healthy lobster habitat.

Listed below are short descriptions about the quality parts we use to manufacturer this one-of-a-kind game.

The Cabinet:
The foundation of the machine utilizes exterior-grade specially treated wood, which is then covered by laminate on the exterior surface and waterproofed with a two-part epoxy on the interior surface. The tank itself features a double-paned, thermally insulated glass, which is sealed with a marine-grade caulking. This glass has been proven strong enough to withstand testing in a bar and club-like atmosphere as replicated in our manufacturing facility.

Mechanical Components:
Our mechanical assembly features both high-grade stainless steel and industrial-grade plastic. This special industrial-grade, heavy-duty plastic helps to mitigate saltwater corrosion and extends the life of the machine.

Chiller System:
We tested numerous chillers for our machines before we discovered an industry-leading component that works perfectly with our unique system. A thermostat controls the chiller’s water temperature setting and provides an accurate temperature reading in the tank at all times.

We use gold-plated electrical components that are designed to resist corrosion and increase the life of the machine with its saltwater environment. All of our wires are fully enclosed in a thick housing.

The Claw:
Unlike any other crane machine, we use a pneumatic system that allows the claw to close beneath the water surface in the tank - not before the claw meets the water. Electrical systems in other machines run directly into the water, risking electrocution of the lobsters.

All of our machines are manufactured in the USA!

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