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About Our Owner/Operator Opportunities:

How do I know if the territory I want is available?
To find out whether a territory is open, contact us at (407) 814-8440.

What percentage does the owner/operator give to the establishments?
Long-standing policy has held that establishment owners receive 25% of the machines sales each week.

What kind of warranty comes with the machine?
Every machine that leaves our warehouse has a One-Year Warranty on all major parts and labor. One-Year Warranties are rare to find but we stand by the outstanding quality of our machines.

How long from the time when I place my order can I start receiving my machines?
Machines are generally ready to ship within two-three weeks. Upon placing your order, we require a 50% deposit. Once the machines are built and ready to be shipped, the remaining balance on the order is due.

How are the machines shipped?
All machines are shipped using freight shipping and take between 3-5 business days for National shipments.

About Our Machine

Do you need to feed the lobsters?
No. With our state-of-the-art filtration system, the lobsters are very content with the nutrients in the water.

Can the claw hurt the lobsters? Do the lobsters get hurt when they go down the chute?
No. The plastic claw is engineered to close with a certain amount of air pressure, making it impossible to hurt the lobsters through its hard shell. When a lobster is released, the claw extends far enough down the chute so that the lobster slides down a gentle slope and into a bucket. The lobsters cannot be hurt.

How long can a lobster live in the tank?
A lobster can live in one of our tanks for three-four months.

How much is the game per try?
Patrons are charged $2.00 per try and the game features a 30 second timer.

What are the dimensions of the machine?
The Lobster Zone machine is 40"W x 32"D x 77"H, allowing it to fit into an average size door with ease and be accommodated in a high-traffic interior area.

How much maintenance is required for the machine?
The lobster tank count should number between eight and ten lobsters. That population should be reestablished twice per week. The cash box should be emptied during that visit. General maintenance on the machine consists of cleaning the glass and mirror with fresh water, lubricating top rods, and cleaning vents once weekly. Monthly, the filter needs to be cleaned or changed and every six months the carbon should be cleaned or replaced.

How do you check and maintain the salt water?
The saltwater is tested with a hydrometer, which we provide. The hydrometer tests the salinity of the water and indicates whether more salt or more fresh water should be added.

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