The Lobster Zone
Welcome to the Lobster Zone!

Before considering the possibility of joining The Lobster Zone, ask yourself these few questions...

  • In one day, could you identify 10 possible locations in your area? (Restaurants, Sports Bars, Casinos, Clubs, Theme Parks, Convenience Stores, etc.)
  • Could you invest five days and find 50 possible locations in the general area?
  • Out of those 50 locations could you secure 10 of them for placement of your machines?
  • Could you spare 15 hours a week to maintain your machines?
  • Would you find it exceedingly difficult to spend the $3,500 (or more) you could earn every week?
  • If something breaks... Would you be concerned if we covered it all for the first year and talked you through field repairs for the years following?
  • Would the prospect of operating ten machines and earning $840,000 over a five-year period be exciting to you?
  • How stressful would it be to you knowing that your machines could be paid off within a year?
  • Were you able to you answer these questions affirmatively? Does this peak your interest?

If you are comfortable with your answers to these questions, contact us today to start your adventure with The Lobster Zone!

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