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Potential for Spectacular Investment Returns

Within The FIRST YEAR!

Based on $500 per week average machine take, the following are monthly results:

Site Location Gross
$2,000 per Month
25% to Site Location
$500 a month
Less Cost of Goods
$110 a month
Net per Month
With 12 Machines
$16,680 per Month!

These number are averages based on a national study of The Lobster Zone machines. The Lobster Zone, Inc. cannot and does not guarantee revenue projections for our operators. Depending on area and location, machine revenue will be based on individual results.

**Monthly cost of goods. The estimates below are based on research conducted by The Lobster Zone, Inc. These number are conservative and represent average, not exact figures. These costs will vary, depending on lobsters prices, seasonality variances and any incidental goods needed for care and maintenance of the lobsters and the machines. On average owners generally find that two lobsters per tank a week due to game winners.

The numbers below are based on research done by The Lobster Zone, Inc. These numbers are conservative and an average.

8 lobsters @ $10.00 a pound $80.00
Cleaning supplies $5.00
Chemicals, Filter $5.00
Misc. repairs* or cost $20.00
Average Monthly Cost $110.00

*100% Parts & Labor Warranty in effect for the first year

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