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Welcome to the Lobster Zone!

My machines paid form themselves in less than a year! | The most incredible game I have ever seen!

Become a Lobster Zone Owner & Operator

6 Steps to Becoming a Distributor:

  1. Select an exclusive territory
  2. Determine a personal income objective
  3. Sign an exclusive Distributor agreement
  4. Place your order for your first machines
  5. Identifiy locations for your machines
  6. Start earning MONEY!

Financial Security and Freedom!
Have you ever dreamed about owning your own business and earning extra cash to do more in life? With The Lobster Zone machine you can do it all and be part of something FUN, EXCITING and REWARDING!

The Lobster Zone machines are popping up everywhere around the country and we are looking for more and more multiple machine owner/operators every day. Learn more about The Lobster Zone profit potential!

Here's How it Works...
You decide on the territory you wish to claim as a Lobster Zone owner/ operator. As soon as The Lobster Zone staff determines whether that territory is available, we then discuss The Lobster Zone, Inc. policies and procedures.

Together, you and The Lobster Zone agree on an objective for your business. Your objective will be based on the number of machines included in your first order and details of the five-year contract. This helps to identify annual goals and initiates manufacturing and shipping to your selected installation sites.

We then both sign a mutually acceptable contract. This Agreement will outline your exclusive territory (or territories), objectives, and policies of The Lobster Zone, Inc.

Once the Agreement is signed by both parties, an order for your first machines can be placed. It will then be up to you to identify great locations within your exclusive territory for placement of the machines.

Upon invitation, we will send a proven professional locater to assist you in signing up sites.



Currently more then 480 Lobster Zone machines are in place in the US, and supported with over 10 years of proven quality and success. With industry analysts projecting gaming demand over the next decade to exceed that of the last decade (4% per year), The Lobster Zone is a "win-win" for everyone!


Playing the game!

There are two levels of Lobster Zone Owners & Operators

Level 1: This role is called a Local Market Licensee. Here a single market is selected or a portion of a major (usually metropolitan) market for development. The contract is based on five-year increments (with annual goals for growth). This contract—as with all our business relationships—comes with training programs for Qualifying Sites, Machine Installation, Service Guide, Ordinary Maintenance, and Typical (although infrequent) Repairs; a list of useful spare parts, recommended tools, suggested shop/ office layout, and organizational suggestions.

Level 2: This position is called a Master Territorial Distributor. Here a major market or geographic area is allocated for development to an organization that both owns and operates machines within a specific area and aids, sells, and services machines for Local Market Licensees within that designated territory. The contract is based on five-year increments and calls for annual goals that can result in the installation of hundreds of machines.

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