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Ernie Pappas, Chief Executive Officer
In a 35-year Career, Ernie Pappas has been one of the most successful sales managers of games (Parker Brothers), technical devices (Bowman calculators) and prompters (Voxx) in the United States. His technical skills, determination, and sales acumen have carried the company since inception.

Nick Pappas, Vice President Marketing and Sales
Nick Pappas is best known for his role on developing various companies. Pappas played a key role in the success of a new Vermont-based retail chain, which has since opened 5 stores and continues to grow. During that time, Pappas had also become involved with servicing and maintaining the Lobster Zone machines. In 2007 Pappas brought his previous experience to the Lobster Zone to assist in the companies expansion.

In addition to managers of Purchasing, Production and Information Systems, the Company has an extraordinary staff of consultants for issues involving Manufacturing, Marine Biology and Design Engineering.

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