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The first lobster gaming machine was designed in 1996 by a company called AGE, Inc. The self-contained, saltwater system provided patrons the unique opportunity to catch and enjoy Maine lobster dinners.

After a number of years in business, AGE closed its doors and in 2001 The Lobster Zone, Inc. established in 1997 as an owner/operator, took ownership, and, with it, all responsibility for sales, service, and design of future lobster machines.

The Lobster Zone was founded by Ernie Pappas, a well-known veteran of early electronic devices, games, entertainment, radio, and lodging industries.

Since acquiring the rights to the lobster gaming machine, Pappas has concentrated his efforts on the continual improvement of the original machine. Through innovative design and engineering, he has successfully developed a dependable, low-maintenance, highly reliable system that embodies proprietary and patent-pending technology featuring the highest quality parts with friendlier usability.

The new version has proven to be extremely reliable and lucrative for The Lobster Zone operators and has effectively placed The Lobster Zone in a position to capitalize on the rapidly increasing vending service market.

Our capable employee group at the Apopka, Florida headquarters is aided by a staff of consultants that includes design engineers and marine biologists. The Lobster Zone can manufacture between 40 to 60 machines monthly. The mission of our Company is to be a leading producer and supplier of innovative, novelty games and machines as well as other consumer-friendly marine products.

The lobster machine is perhaps the most exciting development to hit the vending machine industry in the last 20 years. Currently the Lobster Zone supports over 480 machines nationwide-a number that is increasing every week.

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